Useful Information before you start the application process

Thank you for your interest in the Stephen Perse Foundation schools we are excited to launch our new online admissions portal that will allow you to set up an account, apply and monitor the progress of your child’s application and admissions journey online.
Applying online will require you to set up your own unique account (please make sure that you make a note of your account login details and password for future log in’s). Should you have any questions or need any assistance during the application process please feel free to contact us in the admissions office by either telephone on +44(0)1223 454762 or by email at

Important Notice – Before you start your application please ensure that:

- both parents/legal guardians (where applicable) are present to electronically sign and consent to the application.

- you understand the personal contact information will be visible to both of the applying parents (where relevant) on the family information page of your account once it is set up.

- please ensure that each parent uses their own email address as the system will not allow you to use on email address for both parents.

-you have a head and shoulder photo of your child in (JPEG/PNG) format ready to upload.

Request for a place at the Stephen Perse Foundation

Please complete all sections of this form and submit it AFTER which you will be asked to pay the Registration Fee online. We need the below information to be able to process your application for a place for your child. If you have any issues or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Information which is mandatory for you to provide is indicated below by an *. If you do not complete the mandatory sections in full you will not be able to move to the next section of the Registration Form.

Information about your Child
Upload New Photo?

JPG or PNG format

Please give us the child’s first name as it appears on the birth certificate or passport.

This is the name the child likes to be known as and can be different form their legal forename.

Please click on the calendar, then click on the month and year at the top to easily select the correct date.

Home Address
This should be the address where the child usually resides and will be used as the main contact address for correspondence.


Please also see the notes below of this registration form.



We offer a range of scholarships to pupils at the Senior School and College’s. More information is available on our website:

To apply for a scholarship, please tick the box and a form will be sent to you directly to enable you to apply. You are able to apply for more than one scholarship

Finance Assistance with School Fees

We offer means tested financial assistance for families of limited means, subject to availability and the admission requirements of the Foundation. We are only able to offer financial assistance to UK residents. Further information and an application form for financial assistance are available on our website: